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4 Common Tips to Protect Your Home during Vacation

How to protect your home from any danger when you are out on a vacation? Professional and best locksmith in Tulsa provides valuable and effective tips.

We always read and see the news in newspaper and TV about burglaries and home invasion that occurs during the time when the homeowners are away on holiday. Most of us shake our head that time, feel sorry for the victim for a moment and then go on with our lives.

For many homeowners break-ins seem like something that only happens to someone else. But, it’s not right and it can happen with anyone at any time. The unpleasant truth is that break-ins are a more common thing than you might think. In fact, a home break-in occurs once about every few seconds in many countries. So, you know that crime doesn’t come knocking after knowing your identity and you may also become the target of break-ins at some point. During the holiday season, your home is vulnerable and the burglar is also looking out for a target home that has been vacated for a few days.

If your home is targeted, you can keep yourself safe from becoming a victim by adopting some common home security rules. These are things that you can do easily to stop thieves from breaking into your home:

  1. Always Lock Your Door Properly
    This is the most common tip, but it’s surprising many people still don’t lock their doors or just do it casually when they go out. This can be any door along with the front door through which one can gain access, like garage door. The burglars will first try the door of a home to check if any of them is unlocked or not. Most of the burglars gain entry to homes through the unlocked door.

  2. Install a Home Security System
    Before going on holiday, it’s important to install a home security system to secure your home in absence of you. But, some people don’t understand the importance of a home security system and they ignore it. The important thing about the home security system, it stops thieves from entering your home. They know that a home with an alarm system is not worth the trouble. Also, having a CCTV camera system ensures that the home is being monitored and the fear of being caught in footage deter thieves.

    Do you know many homeowners keep their alarm unarmed? They are useless during the time of break-ins. A recent study showed that approx. 41 percent of the alarm systems were not working at the time of the break-in.

  3. Keep Windows Unobstructed By Shrubbery
    Some people feel that having shrubs over the windows offers an increased sense of privacy. But they don’t understand, these shrubs are providing the ideal cover for those burglars who are breaking in through the window. It provides them an ideal conceal to move on through the property without being identified.

  4. Put Lights on a timer
    When you have to go away from your house for an extended time of period, be smart about how you leave your home. People going on vacation neglect to prepare their home to be empty for a period of time. When they are gone, the light stays off every day and night. It shows that no one is there and that makes your house an ideal target for thieves. So, when you go for the holidays then take some simple steps like installing smart light bulbs which can be put on a timer which will switch on and off at the stipulated time, giving a sense that the home is not vacant.

These are some steps you can take to protect your house during the vulnerable holiday season. A home security system helps you to protect your home during vacation and the best locksmith in Tulsa can help you with it, along with implementing other security measures. Contact Locksmith Tulsa, a substantial name in the region offering residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services, to help you keep protect your home with best security measures.

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