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For, work, family functions, vacations and for many other reasons we travel and sometimes this travel is for a long period of time. And it is possible that many of these travels including taking along your entire family, leaving your home behind empty. During these times, your home’s safety and security is in the hands of locks and security systems you have put in place.

When you are away, whether it is during the day time for your work routine or on a vacation, your home can become a potential target of burglars and thieves if they get to know of your absence, and in such conditions they would try all they can to break-in and get away with valuables. These are the situations you dread and always want to avoid such issues. But when you are away keeping your protected is a big task and you can’t do much from there, except implementing some key steps that will take care of your property’s safety. Here, we list down such key steps:

  • Have a Key Locker Installed
    Leaving a spare key for your partner or just for emergencies is a step that many of us take. However, where you keep and hide the key is a big aspect that must be considered fully. Never ever leave your key hidden under the doormat or under the potted plant, as it can be easily detected by the thieves. Get a hidden key locker installed that can only be unlocked with a password.

  • Install High-End Security Systems
    When your property is equipped with an alarm systems and security cameras that act efficiently in deterring criminal activities. These are not only useful to deter thieves but also provide useful evidence after a burglary attempt to nab the culprits.

  • Get Your Friends , Family or Neighbors Keep a Watch
    If you are going away for a longer period, get your trusted friend, family member or your neighbor to monitor your property on a timely basis and carry out simple tasks like turning on off the lights in evening and morning, collecting the mails and so, which never lets the criminals know that the property owners are not there. They will also notify you if something suspicious happens.

  • Keep Your Doors and Windows Secured
    Right from getting a deadbolt lock installed for your front door, up to securing it with a well-secured strike plate, smart locks, re-enforcement of your door and fully protected window lock installation, there are several things you must look into and implement at your property. These are basic yet essential steps that prove to highly significant when to keep your property safe and secured when you are away.

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