Locksmith in Tulsa for Combination Door Lock Installation

Every type of business needs locks of some sort and the needs of businesses are different from residential needs. A company is always looking for the best high-tech upgrades for secure locks and it’s worth examining which one is best for them. 

Now, there are many commercial locks available in the market that may suit your company needs. Today, I’m talking about one of them that is – biometric lock system.

What are Biometric Locks?
Biometric door lock is a device that allows you to unlock the door with the combination of a PIN or fingerprint. This door lock use personally identifiable information lieu of the traditional lock and key. It uses a thermal or optical scanner to store the fingerprints of anyone authorized to unlock the door and once the scanner determines you as the authorized person then it’ll prompt you to input a pin code to unlock the door.

Need for Biometric lock
In a company, there are many employees entering in and out of the office building a number of times per day and instead of mechanical keys to the employees that can get lost, broken, or stolen, consider installing the biometric lock.

What Are The Benefits of Biometric Lock?
In biometric locks, there is no need for any physical key and it also makes it simple to control who will have access to the building. If an employee leaves the company you won’t need to replace or rekey your lock as you can simply deactivate their entry code to the office. Biometric door locks allow fast entry to the office and also recognize the physical sign within the second. A physical sign is much harder to copy than a manual key; a biometric lock prevents inadvertent access that can occur if someone were to drop their key somewhere along the way.

How do Fingerprint Scanning Systems work?
 A fingerprint scanning system allows access to an authorized person by recognizing the finger patterns of the user. This locking system scans and converts fingerprints into the numerical template. When someone places their finger onto the system and if the numerical data has recognized, the door will get open.

The Three Types of Fingerprint Scanning Systems:

  • Optical Scanners
    In this system, it captures an optical image of a fingerprint and uses various algorithms to detect the unique patterns of one’s fingerprint. There are many resolutions used in these types of scanners.

  • Capacitive Scanner
    This is one of the most common types of the scanner systems. In this, the system collects specific data of fingerprints and analyzes the unique data for matching a fingerprint in order to allow access.

  • Ultrasonic Scanner
    This is a 3D sensor system that detects unique fingerprints and allows access to authorized personnel.

Voice Recognition System
This system recognizes and analyze the voice of the person through the sound wave and allow the access if the voice matches.

These are some of the biometric lock systems that you can use to enhance the security of your commercial property. Locksmith Tulsa is a premier, skilled and professional locksmith in Tulsa for combination door lock installation and other lock, key and security system aspects that can provide you with enhanced service and consultation regarding biometric systems for your commercial premise.

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