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Sometimes, we can’t afford all the protection that we need. And one of the best solutions is to get the closest approximation to the protection you want. In the case of a home invasion, you need a safe place within your home to retreat to once your perimeter security has been breached and your door security has failed.

You have one solution and that is making your own improvised DIY panic room. A panic room is there to create a formidable barrier between you and the threat within the home and it is a point of secondary retreat that enables residents to safely hide away while the authorities arrive. There are some ways to make an improvised DIY panic room:

Securing Your Door
A door is pivotal to an escape room and it’s your way to gain access safely, but the nature of a door is that it’s mean to be opened. When you are making a DIY panic room then you need to address the vulnerabilities inherent to any interior door:

  • High-Security Locks
    For a DIY panic room, the most important thing to look for in the lock is strong metal content. You can choose a double-sided deadbolt lock for your DIY panic room.

  • Security Doors
    You need a nice solid core door or a door that utilizes an iron and steel core and it’ll be different from a standard hollow core door that’s the go-to for all interior doors. For your DIY panic room door, you need a hard material that can’t be destroyed by battering rams or kicking attacks.

Protecting Windows
Ideally, an improvised panic room shouldn’t have windows. If you convert a windowless bathroom into your panic room, it could be better than a bedroom with bay window. If you’ve a window in your planned improvised panic room, there are few solutions for you:

  • Security Film
    Widow security film is a great option to keep your improvised panic room low profile. You can install a film that comes in sheets adhered to the glass and you only need to fit the sheet to your existing pane, but it can be done by individuals with fairly limited DIY skills.

  • Bars
    When you’re looking to secure your windows then you can use a metal bar and if you bar the windows of a panic room then it telegraph the importance of that room. It’ll also keep people from simply striking the window and coming in through the opening.

For When You’re Waiting
A panic room is only a temporary measure and all the security can be overcome given enough time and an improvised panic room won’t give you much as a professionally made panic room. So, an improvised escape room needs to have something that makes waiting more bearable:

  • Phones
    Once you feel safe inside your panic room you need to call help and this is best done with a phone. For this, you need a phone that’s charged and has a signal. At the time of making a panic room, you should choose a room that has a strong signal.

  • Alarms
    An emergency response can take a while, so if you can have a way of making a lot of noise then you can attract the attention of bystanders. You can choose an alarm because it’ll not only make the criminals outside of your panic room frightened but also make it generally difficult for them to stay inside the home for long.

These are some things that can help you to make an improvised DIY panic room. You can also take the help of a professional residential locksmith in Tulsa for electronic door lock installation, repair and replacement for getting insightful guidance and support on how to create a highly protective a DIY panic room. Locksmith Tulsa is a leading locksmith in the region that can help in your entire locksmith requirements as well as provide you with professional consultation and suggestion to improve your security measures and features.

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