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Living alone is many things and it’s liberating, but sometimes it’s also lonely and also scary. Today, I’ll talk about some of the most important safety tips for people living alone. With these tips, you can be a little more at ease when you hear something go bump in the night.

There are many people that are terrified of having their home invaded, but sometimes this fear blinds us to the less exciting threats. Now, I’ll be talking about security that buys you the time you need for your security when you are living alone:

  1. Create a Safety Net
    Make sure that your close and trusted friends know your daily routine and also make sure they are alerted when you’re deviating from your plan. You may know that keeping people informed will make it easier for you to receive help if you’re injured or detained. So, you need to make regular contact with your friends and the relatives that live near you.

  2. Don’t Advertise Your Living Arrangement
    You don’t need to tell anyone you’re living alone, because, with this information a criminal is more likely to target you. This Information may be as horrific as a home invasion or as calculated as waiting for your leave for burgling your home.

  3. Utilize a House Sitter
    A house sitter can be many things; it can be someone that spends a few hours in your home or someone that sleep there. It’s just a person that’s in your home when you’re not there and the amounts of times human are in your house decreases the number of burglaries.

  4. Close Curtains or Blinds at Night
    It’s best to cover the inside of your residence at night. At night, you’ll have to use your interior light and it makes very difficult to see the outside from the inside for you, but you also make it very easy for anyone outside to look in. Whatever your routine is, you need to keep it maintained, because burglars observe homes, looking for changes in the routine that they can recognize at signs of absence.

  5. Shut Windows
    You don’t need every window opened, because an open window is an open invitation to a thief. Most of the criminals or burglars want quick access and doing this you can make their work easy. It might be just enough to make a criminal choose to burgle your house over another.

  6. Use Upgraded Locks
    If your home allows you to upgrade your locks, do it because an advanced lock provides you better security. The core is the most important part of the door lock, and if you can replace the core of your existing door with higher security lock, your protection will enhance greatly.

  7. Security Doors
    A security door is an additional level of protection to your home because these are usually made of a metal screen that will obscure the resident of the home and still making it possible to see the person outside. Any brute force attack on a metal security door will also be loud and you know criminals don’t want to make any noise and the security like this is very likely to deter a criminal before any attempt is made to enter the house.

  8. Know Your Neighbors
    Knowing who are living close to you and your home can help to quell the fears you might have or confirm them. You might be living so close to your neighbor that you’re essentially roommates. Knowing the neighbors will also make the people more aware of a stranger on or around premises.

These are some important security tips for single living people that you can follow if you are living alone. If you want to enhance the security of your doors and window lock then contact with a residential locksmith like Locksmith Tulsa, a professional locksmith in Tulsa for garage door lock Installation, repair, and replacement, and more home security aspects offering complete security services and consultation.


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