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Locksmith on Tulsa 21st Street to Get the Lock Repaired and Replaced

Door locks are the most important security assets for your property, be it residential or commercial premise. It works to protect your property safe and secured against intruders and threat of burglary and vandalism.

While you attempt different methods and always want to secure your property doors with best possible lock system, there can be times when someone might try to break-in your property. While they may not be successful, trying an attempt like this does mean that your locks have been tempered with, which could result in some type of damage or may lead to the lock become faulty quickly. Therefore it is always important to always keep an eye on your door lock to ascertain if it has been tempered with, so you may become aware of such an activity and may implement required measures immediately for enhancing the security of your property.

Here are some signs you should look for on your lock to know if it has been tempered with:

  1. Scratch and Graze Marks
    If you see minute scratch marks around the keyhole, this is a clear sign that there has some kind of activity there, possibly using a tool like a screwdriver to move the lock’s pin tumblers.

  2. Lock Deformity
    You lock your door in fine condition in the morning, only to come home in the evening finding that the lock is slightly deformed and the key is not properly working with the lock. This way you can ascertain that there has been someone who has tried to break-open the lock but was not successful.

  3. Look for Evidence Showing Use of Force
    Most of the break-ins are carried out by burglars using force. They will employ different methods like banging, bashing, or some other. They can use force by themselves or by using some tools. But what all these attempts do is leave behind several signs like broken door locks, bent latches, warped door frames and so. These signs, in small or major degree are clear signs that some criminal minds did try to enter in your property using force.

  4. Bumping
    Bump keys are common amongst burglars to manipulate the functioning of the original key to open a certain lock. An experienced thief will use the bumping method cleverly but if he is an amateur, then they would leave traces of nicks and dents around the keyhole and door lock area, respectively. To counter such attempts, it is advisable to install bump-resistant locks or upgrade deadbolts with additional pins.

  5. Lock-Picking
    Similar to the above method, this also works by manipulating the functioning of the original key. While this is very precise method and takes time, it does leave minimal signs before. In this too, a thief, an amateur one or if in hurry, will leave tiny scratches around the keyhole.

Whenever you come across such signs, you should immediately contact a professional locksmith on Tulsa 21st to get the lock repaired and replaced, along with taking other measures for enhancing the security and safety of your premise. Locksmith Tulsa offers complete and reliable assistance to residential and commercial customers in the region pertaining to every service and consultation requirement they have.