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Rim Lock
Rim lock is a surface mounted lock and it’s used as affixed to the surface of a door. Rim lock can be screwed to the surface of a door and usually it’s not suitable for an entry door but you can easily find rim locks for interior doors.

Rim lock is much different from any other types of locks and most of the rim locks are warded locks. A warded lock makes use of ward to prevent unauthorized access if anyone uses the wrong key. There are some things that you need to remember about rim locks as appended below:

  • Rim lock is fitted to the surface of a door, whereas most other locks are fitted to the door itself.
  • It can be easily screwed to the surface of a door and the entire lock body of a rim lock is visible after installation.
  • Rim lock usually refers to the installation method and doesn’t refer to the mechanism itself.
  • Most of the rim locks are warded and these locks are used to prevent unauthorized accesses.

Using a Rim Lock
Previously, rim locks were used on exterior and interior doors, but nowadays they are commonly used on interior door and on the shed door. You can find older rims lock in various older homes around the world. Now, I’m giving some information about how they are used today:

  • Rim Locks for Interior Door
    Rim locks are used as a locking mechanism on interior door and because of their security limitations rim locks are best suited for interior doors only. Rim lock is a perfect addition for homeowners who are looking for enhancing interior security aspects, and their complex design and unique construction make them a preferred choice among homeowner who is keen on such a design.

  • Rim Locks for Decorative Purposes
    Rim lock has a unique and compact look and they look charming in a rustic way and many homeowners do take advantage of the vintage look of rim lock. An antique rim lock is often restored and installed to add charm to a home.

  • Rim Locks as Additional Locks
    Rim locks are not so secured locks for enhanced security because they’re not used as exterior door locks. You can add rim lock on your exterior door like an additional lock. Some rim locks are used in addition to the more secure mortise and deadbolt locks and the presence of the deadbolt negates the weakness of the rim lock.

Installing a Rim Lock
Installing a rim lock is extremely easy and some homeowners install it themselves and if you are not able to install it then contact a professional locksmith technician that has the skill to perform a lock installation. Here are some tools that you’ll need to install a rim lock

  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver and Screws
  • Rim Lock Body
  • Rim Lock Keeper
  • Door handles and door knobs and more.

These are some basic information about rim locks. It’s a better choice to be used on interior doors rather than exterior doors. If you need help for installing rim lock then you should contact a professional locksmith, like Locksmith Tulsa. The firm has high expertise, knowledge and qualified team to provide reliable, prompt, and affordable solutions for residential, commercial, automotive and emergency locksmith services in Tulsa, OKC.

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