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Locks of your home, commercial property or of your car is of utmost importance. It provides the most important and effective defence and protective system for you. And for a lock the significant tool is the key. Both are correlated and absence of one makes the other less obsolete. Especially the loss of key can be really frustrating making things tough for all.

When you find yourself locked out of car, without having the key, it is a really frustrating moment. Similarly, there can be several other times when you find yourself without a key that can make things really troublesome. Losing a key is something that can happen with anyone. And there are some people, who have a habit of losing their keys more often than others. And they are the ones who often find themselves on the wrong end each side, frustrated and irritated.

While getting exasperated and maddened is obvious at such a time, they must do something to improve their habits and try avoiding such instances in future. Here are some tips to follow to ensure you never lose your keys again:

  • Always Follow a Checklist
    There are small daily tasks that one has to follow on a routine basis. And these are those tasks from which you can sometime overlook something, which may leave you in a kind of troubled spot. To avoid this, always create a checklist, like one that you check before leaving the house, leaving office, when getting into and getting out of your car, or so. This checklist will surely help you memorize certain things that are essential for your fundamental yet important routines. It can include always checking you have gathered your wallet, phone, keys and similar other important stuffs. Gradually you can train your mind to follow such a checklist without looking into a written note.

  • Always Have a Spare for an Important Key
    Keys like for your front door lock, your car, your office door and for similar other aspects are extremely important for you and losing them at any point of time can invite some trouble for you. This can happen to anyone and at any time. But avoiding them is something that you can definitely work on, by always having a spare key that you can gain access to quickly. Either keep it with you in a box, wallet, or hide it somewhere depending on the type of key and its usage.

  • Take Use of Key-Finder
    Leverage the use of advanced technology, like investing in a Bluetooth key finder. You can attach these to your keyring and make a connection to it from an app or a remote control device. This will help you find out the key effectively and faster whenever you leave them in a cluttered place or in an unusual place.

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