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Your car is your prized possession. How bad and frustrated you will feel if you lose your keys and left stranded? Or if you accidentally lock yourself out of your car? These are the situations when you wish you have had a spare key so you can avoid getting stuck.

Losing your keys or finding them broken or damaged or finding yourself in a locked out situation are instances that can happen to anybody. And the most effective and right solution to these situations is having a spare key which you can access at that time.

Why Having a Spare Car Key is Important?

  • During Lockouts
    It is quite frustrating to seeing yourself lockout out accidentally and especially when you are left with no option left. If you have a spare key, you can quickly unlock the door and get on with your movement.

  • Prevent Methods That Can Cause Damage to the Car
    Many a times when someone loses their car keys, they try to implement DIY methods to unlock the door. They use multiple types of tools and methods like a crow bar, a coat hanger and many more. These methods, when taken out by an inexperienced person, can do more harm than good. With a spare key, you can avoid attempting such things and therefore prevent any potential damage to the car.

  • Keep Advanced Car Settings Programmed
    Now, we have car keys that can be used to control different car settings such as temperature, speaker volume and etc. If you lose your car keys then you could end up wasting time in reprogramming the functions. With a spare key, you won’t have to go through that route.

Where Should You Keep Your Spare Car Keys?

  • Keep With a Friend or Family Member or Your Trusted Neighbor
    You can keep your spare key with someone who you trust and can call immediately during a critical situation. Make sure that person is someone who can come to your aid quickly and help you out.

  • In a Designated Place in Your Home
    You can keep your car’s spare key safely stored in a safe or any other box or drawer in your home. This way you will remember where the spare is stored and can be accessed during emergency times. However, if you find yourself stuck in a critical condition far away from your home then you would have to arrange transportation to come to your home.

  • Keep It Safely Hidden on the Car
    If you want to keep your spare key somewhere that you can access that quickly, then keeping it on your car is the ideal way. Keep it in a magnetic box that is placed on the underside of the car in a place where no one else can see it easily.

Following these steps and information provided by locksmith in Tulsa for car keys will help you keep your spare key safely. Locksmith Tulsa can provide you with full assistance when you are looking to get spare key made or want professional consultation on keeping them safe and hidden. The skilled technicians also provide reliable locksmith services pertaining to residential, commercial and automotive requirements as well.