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When most people consider warehouse security their mind goes straight to things like security cameras and security guards and there is nothing wrong with these security systems, but these also require a human being to act in order of effectiveness. These are active security area and these need an active human being to stop the issue.

You need to think about warehouse lock as passive security, which protects a given location or item without the need for human intervention because a warehouse lock only needs to be properly installed in order to deliver full security potential. A warehouse lock can benefit from a security guard or a camera, but you need to consider the right device for your warehouse security. 

Basic Warehouse Lock Characteristics

  • Metal Content
    It’s most important. Which type of material is used to constitute the various parts of the lock and the most important part of the lock is to have strong metal for the exterior housing, shackle, bolt and other aspects that will be targeted. When a warehouse lock uses hardened steel, don’t take the claim at face value and choose the strong metal content for warehouse lock.

  • Cylinder Complexity
    Cylinder complexity is the most basic form of warehouse lock and it comes with security pins. A pin tumbler lock with security pins will have some level of bump key resistance. If you’re looking for a greater cylinder complexity then you can take a look at alternative lock types. 

  • Key Blank Accessibility
    If key control is a big concern of your warehouse security then you should be able to limit the accessibility of key blank for your warehouse lock. The key of the most common lock can be duplicated in simple. You can stop it to invest in a warehouse lock that has a patented key. Many locks come with patented keyways and you can install it in your warehouse.

Types of Warehouse Lock 

  • Padlock
    For perimeter warehouse security, gates and warehouse docking station require the use of a padlock. Depending on the value of what the locks are protecting you might invest in one of the best padlocks.  The specific thing you want to consider about padlock is that no matter how strong they are, they need to be secured to a strong chain.

  • Door Handles
    Door handles are mainly used for interior doors and if you are using warehouse lock that’s a part of the door handle. A door handle doesn’t offer much warehouse security because the lock cylinder controls a spring-loaded latch. These types of lock can be defeated by the credit card method or by another type of feeler gauge. Door handle locks are less likely to be targeted because most burglars will focus on depressing the spring load latches.

    You can install a door handle lock in your warehouse door because a multifunctioning door handle can give the appearance of functionality while undermining the security of other warehouse locks.

  • Deadbolts
    Many buildings use deadbolt for their main door lock.  Warehouse security will benefit heavily from deadbolts like any other structure and because a destructive entry is the most common method that a criminal will use to attack your warehouse locks, how much force your deadbolt can take seriously affect the success of your warehouse security. If there are any doors in your warehouse that are being relied on for security, you should use at least one deadbolt there. 

Warehouse security is more than which warehouse lock you use, but it does matter which type of warehouse lock you choose. You need to make the proper investment based on the characteristics of good lock. You should also consult locksmith in Tulsa for gates for your warehouse, like Locksmith Tulsa who can provide you with insightful guidance and suggestions, along with complete service for enhancing the security features of your warehouse.


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