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When you think about the security of your home then the first thing that comes to your mind about doors is probably the locks. Many different types of door locks are available and door chain lock is one of them, and highly effective in providing required security and safety. First, we will know about what is a door chain lock, how effective these are, what are the benefits of door chain lock and what are the down sides to it?

What is a Door Chain Lock?

Door chain locks are often found in hotel and apartment doors and referred to as a security door chain or security chain. Door chain lock consists of a small chain that is attached to a door frame which attaches to a track on the door. A door chain lock is used in conjunction with other types of lock to add the security but not typically as a single door lock.

Door chain locks are usually used for a person inside to be able to open the door slightly without completely opening the door. Door chain locks keep the person outside there and still being able to communicate with the person inside. You can also slip small objects through door chain locks. It is also used as an added measure of security. When a thief wants to enter to your home forcefully and they break one lock, at this time the chain lock serves as an extra layer of protection from break-ins.

How effective are door chain locks?

A door chain lock is easy to install and simple to use and it provides some amount of security. If you properly install the door chain lock then it can usually resist the tempering from the outside until physical force is used to break the door.

Benefits of Door Chain Lock:

  • Door chain locks are inexpensive and it is easy to install and use.
  • Door chain lock gives you a sense of security to open the door to take a courier or deal with a stranger.
  • The door chains are helpful to sound an alert to the person inside that someone is breaking the door. The noise may be heard by the occupants and give them time to call for help and get a weapon to protect them.

Down Sides of Door Chain Lock:

  • Door chain locks come with very short screws that can easily be pulled out with force.
  • The tracks of door chains are usually straight and any simple chain material allow the chain to be separated from the track.
  • If door chains are installed improperly, then it makes it easily subjected to a number of attacks.

Chain locks are used because of their affordability and easy to installation. If you want to use a chain lock for the purpose of not opening the door fully, then consider a peephole with the ability to see who is at your door before opening the door and keeping the door efficiently locked. Locksmith Tulsa can help you decide on whether to opt for door chain locks for your property, specific to your security needs. They are a reliable and professional locksmith in Tulsa for car remote, other automotive locksmith requirements, and all types of residential and commercial locksmith services.

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