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The Importance of Rekeying: Keeping Your Tulsa Property Safe and Secure

Maintaining security of one’s Tulsa property is paramount for safeguarding belongings and loved ones. An often overlooked facet of home security lies in rekeying, a process changing locks to certify only authorized individuals retain access. We’ll explore rekeying’s importance and how it helps keep your Tulsa property safe and secure.

What is Rekeying? Rekeying alters internal lock components permitting operation by an alternate key. This renders prior keys useless, providing a fresh set operating the rekeyed lock. Rekeying commonly enacted by locksmiths enhances security and forestalls unauthorized property access.

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Reasons to Rekey Your Tulsa Property

1) Lost or pilfered keys – if keys are misplaced or suspected stolen, rekeying proves essential to impede unauthorized individuals gaining access. By changing locks and issuing new keys, control over access retains.

2) Relocating to a novel abode – when moving into a fresh Tulsa home, past owners’ or tenants’ key copies can’t be known. Rekeying locks ensures sole key ownership and eliminates the risk of previous access without consent.

  1. Tenant Turnover

For landlords in Tulsa, rekeying is a crucial security measure between tenants. Even if previous occupants return their keys, there’s no guarantee that copies were not made secretly during their residency. Altering the locks between tenants makes certain that each new dweller has a fresh set of keys and strengthens overall security.

  1. Fortifying Safety

Regularly readjusting the locks on your Tulsa property is an effective approach to bolster protection and provide reassurance. By periodically switching the locks, you can mitigate the risk of unauthorized access and remain one step ahead of potential security issues.

The Rekeying Process


The rekeying procedure starts with a thorough review of the present locks and keys. A qualified locksmith in Tulsa will scrutinize the locks to pinpoint the best course of action and recognize any potential vulnerabilities.


Once the inspection is finished, the locksmith will dismantle the locks and remove the existing pins and springs. This allows them to reconfigure the internal components to align with the new key combination in a complex manner.


After creatively reconfiguring the locks, the locksmith will reconstruct them and cut new keys to match the updated configuration skillfully. This ensures that the new keys operate effortlessly with the rekeyed locks.


Before finalizing the rekeying process, the locksmith will thoroughly test each lock to ensure that it functions correctly with the new keys in a varying manner. This involves checking for proper alignment, smooth operation, and secure locking mechanisms thoughtfully.

Rekeying ought not be overlooked by prudent homeowners and landlords in securing their domain in Tulsa. Whether misplaced keys, relocation, or transition of tenants, rekeying remains a vital albeit understated aspect for maximizing protection and authority over ingress. Affordable Locksmith Tulsa, our trained specialists focus on bolstering security, maintenance and access reconfiguration specific to residential properties throughout the region. Contact us at your earliest convenience to plan an assessment and assure the wellbeing and safekeeping of your domicile remains uncompromised.