electric strike and magnetic locks

What You Should Know About Electric Strike and Magnetic Locks

One of the potential risks of running a business involves theft protection and there is so much that access control system, biometric security surveillance camera, electric strike lock and a magnetic lock can do when used properly.

Keeping your commercial building or business or any public organization safe is of the utmost Importance and it doesn’t matter if you are in charge of a hospital, a hotel, an office building, or a bank. All of these locations benefit from high-security locks. And for choosing the best one and installing it you can take the help of a locksmith in Tulsa area. Today, I’m going to share some differences between electric strike locks and their magnetic counterparts.

Door Lock Vocabulary

Before continuing it might be helpful to define some things you will hear about when it comes to locks and commercial security. Both locks are associated with the access control system; two phrases you will learn about includes fail-safe and fail-secure. And it can be difficult to tell the difference between electric strike locks and magnetic locks. Fail-safe needs power to keep the door locked and if the power is lost or interrupted, then the security mechanism will release. It is generally the way magnetic lock works.

Temporarily, fail-secure needs power to unlock the door. And in case, if there is no power, then the door will remain locked, this is generally the way electronic strike lock works.

  • Electric Strike Locks

Electric strike locks are electromechanical, in simple terms mean mechanical parts are combined with electrical components. This lock is also paired with locksets and panic bars and the latch and bold are held in place by electricity. Keypad, keycards, buttons and fob reader monitors the electrical flow to these components, and when the proper credentials are presented, the door will unlock. However, the other door will lock from the outside and they are still accessible and will open from the inside.

  • Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks depend on electromagnetic and that is how they got their name. In this lock, the current runs through the magnet that creates a seal. While the locks only work as long as they have a steady supply of electric power. So blackouts or brownouts can interrupt them and unlock the door from both sides.

How to Choose the Best Lock?

Now, take a look at how to choose the best lock for you. Is the door used on the exterior of the building, or somewhere inside and are they adequately fire-rated, in case of emergencies? What is the door intended to be for, and is it safe to open when another emergency occurs? These things are more important than budgeting for them and it is also an important consideration to make to choose the right lock for your business premise.

These are some differences between the electric strike lock and magnetic lock. So, at the time of choosing the right locks for your organization, you need to keep these quirks in mind. You can also take the help of a professional locksmith in Tulsa area, like Locksmith Tulsa, to know about these locks in detail and choose the right one that provides best security for your business premises.

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